Haute Living Magazine and The Vizcayans hosted a haute event at Fendi Casa

Thursday, September 19, 2013- I attended an exclusive event at Fendi Casa hosted by Haute Living Magazine & The Vizcayans for a whimsical evening celebrating some of the top in South Florida design by honoring the accomplishments of Aleksander Alembert, Katia Bates, and Violeta Stamatovska.

These three brilliant Interior Designers each created a vignette that showcased their design aesthetic.

ImageVioleta Stamatovska of Studio Architects, Aleksander Alembert of Alembert Design and Katia Bates of Innovative Creations


Everyone meet, Ms. Diclia Haddad, my fellow Lebanese ‘go to girl’ at Fendi Casa!!!

Dilcia has an eye for luxury. I can always count on her to show me the best pieces for my clients. Her suggestions are an instant hit.

I encourage you to visit this beauty at the Fendi Casa showroom or simply send her an email at sales9@clubhouseusa.com and request a walk-through of the showroom.



Snapshot into the world of Fendi Casa. An image taken with my i-phone does not justify the elegance & beauty of their pieces. You must visit the showroom for yourself an take in all that is, Fendi Casa.



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