Lunch with Céline at The Peacock Garden Cafe

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 – I had to find the perfect spot for a quiet lunch meeting that offers an exquisite ambiance and I remembered that a good friend recommended, The Peacock Garden Cafe. Around 1870, the Peacock family looked for the perfect spot to plant their roots. They discovered it in what came to be the Village of Coconut Grove! Now, almost 130 years later, they planted a verdant tropical garden on this very ground. The Peacock Garden Cafe is their vision of the archetypal Coconut Grove restaurant.

Peacock Café is perfect for a delightful meal, a quick bite or maybe a glass of my favorite, – Prosecco to be enjoyed in their beautiful garden. Miami Spice is near the end. Make sure to try their $19 lunch menu. I recommend the classic wedge salad, Vegetable Risotto and both desserts: Chocolate brownie & sorbet!

As for my date with Céline -I’ve been drawn to her “Rorange” red & orange hued glow. The Céline handbag is a perfect Fall staple adding a pop of color to any muted outfit. I purchased mine at my favorite store, Saks Fifth Avenue – Dadeland. Make sure to stop by the Fifth Avenue Club and allow the them to make your shopping experience sheer perfection.

I hope your tummy is grumbling and the fashionable diva in you is in full roar!

celine saks

peacock food


celine bag 1

Have a happy Thursday!!!!!!! 🙂

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