A Life Changing Trip: Expressionist Artist, Leonor Anthony’s Voyage to Beijing

I met the brilliant Expressionist Artist, Leonor Anthony a few years ago at a common friends birthday luncheon. I was instantly drawn to Leonor, which usually occurs to me anytime creativity & raw talent are in my presence.

Leonor’s preferred mediums are oil on canvas, charcoal drawings, digital art and mixed media. The imagery of her art is crafted with unprecedented assertiveness, a combination of refined, complex and loose brush strokes, characterized by violently expressive color and jarring compositions that elicit vivid emotional reactions.

When I found out about Leonor’s recent trip to China I had to make sure she shares this life changing experience with the world.

First, meet the lovely Leonor Anthony & some of her works of art:



Il Comendatore by Leonor Anthony


Works of Art by Leonor Anthony. Some of these will be exhibited in Liege, Belgium October 4-7 2013 and Red Dot December 5-8, 2013

CHINA – Beijing Art Expo 2013

Leonor went to China for the for the 16th Beijing Art Expo 2013 with her gallery, Art Center Miami. The exhibition took place from Sept 13-16. It was her first time in China so she didn’t know what to expect. What Leonor found was the land of the extremes! Absolute chaos, multitudes of people and cars living harmoniously with sublime landscapes, Buddhist temples, Tai Chi practitioners and highly educated art collectors.


These photos where taken at Long Qin Xia scenic spot…




For more information on Leonor Anthony, visit www.leonoranthonyartstudio.com; Art Center Miami Gallery-ART CENTER WYNWOOD 149 NW 36 ST Miami, Fl 33127


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