Bad Hair Day? Try a Messy Ponytail or a Messy Bun!

Yesterday was one of those days where my hair was just not responding to a loose style. During the day, I opted for the Messy Ponytail.

Messy Ponytail

–       If you have wavy to curly hair like I do half your work is done.  Straight hair: add mousse to roots, curl hair in random places then split up the curls, then fluff the hair.

–       Wavy/Curly: Put hair up in a regular ponytail. Straight hair: tease your ponytail with a thin comb.

–       Shake your ponytail until it gets sort of lose and lumpy

–       Spritz ends with hairspray


Messy Bun

I took my look from day to evening by going from a Messy Ponytail to a Messy Bun which is a totally chic look that works for many occasions.

–       Tease your ponytail to create even more volume if you have straight hair. Curly/Wavy: skip this step.

–       Spritz ends with more hairspray if desired.

–       Note that where your ponytail is will be where your bun will sit (i.e.: high ponytail/high bun)

–       Pull the hair halfway through the elastic to create a loop. Twist the hair elastic to secure the loop and then wrap it around the loop again as many times as needed.

–       Secure any loose ends with bobby pins that match your hair color.


Hair Product

I like the Got 2b Sexy Voluptuous Volume Hairspray and Voluptuous Volume Spray Mousse  by Schwarzkopf


Happy Tuesday!!!!

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