One Word: TABELINA. Curious ???

tabelina eye

tabelina logo



Follow your heart… Fly until you reach your dreams

Isabel’s Motto:

The Tabelina symbol is a majestic dragonfly in the shape of a woman’s body with the heart in the place of the head because women think with their hearts . The woman in the logo follows her heart to manifest her dreams because she knows that only through the power of the heart do dreams really come true! This empowered woman thinks with her heart, discerns with her mind, and lives from the very core of her being at all times. Our lives, like the lives of the dragonfly, are but a fleeting moment in time… so we must dream without limitation, live with intensity and authenticity, and fly like the Tabelina!

For more information on jewelry designer, Isabel Cancela & the Tabelina brand, please visit 


How I Wear My TABELINA Necklace

tabelina final

I often wear necklaces Lariat style and I really wanted the focus to be on the lovely Tabelina             silver dragonfly pendant that falls perfectly amidst my décolletage.

I paired back this piece to a deep mustard colored top perfectly highlighting my long tassel wood necklace.  It’s made of real red wood combined with faceted smoke crystals, vermeil , Bali and sterling silver beads and oversized semiprecious stones.

The tassel adds an elegant touch and I love the fact that the necklace is adjustable. Soooo versatile!!

Another great top to pair back to this necklace is my brick colored long sleeve t-shirt. You can certainly wear Tabelina pieces with even the simplest items of clothing. Great jewelry completes any outfit!

tabelina neck

TABELINA: Mythical, Beautiful and Timeless. The perfect gift 🙂


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