How to Wear the Midi length Skirt or Dress

In 1970, designers as well as manufacturers & retailers, introduced the midi-skirt, originally defined as anything hemmed below the knee or above the ankle. I’m really thrilled about it’s return. My only complaint is that there aren’t enough midi length skirts & dresses in US stores.  I’ve purchased on my travels to Paris, Buenos Aires & London.

Sporting this length can be tricky because it’s not universally flattering. Petite ladies look best in midis that fall just over the knee, while taller ladies can wear them longer as I do in the image below.


If you like midi skirts & dresses, these guidelines will help you maximize the look of the silhouette:

  • Tuck a top into a midi skirt: This exposes the entire skirt from waistline to hem lengthens the leg line, which to the eye looks more flattering.
  • Layer with a cropped jacket: To keep a long leg line, layer with an item that doesn’t go below your waistline
  • Volume in a midi skirt is easier to “de-frump”: midi skirts and dresses with interesting flared design details and volume look more hip/less frumpy. This look has a fabulous ‘40’s appeal.
  • Wear interesting heels: Low vamped shoes extend the leg line without adding height. Platform heels are very popular and look great with midis(as shown in my image).
  • Petite ladies:  stick mostly to nude shoes, but metallic and light colored shoes work just as well.
  • Tall ladies: Wear any shoes!











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