April Donelson Adds Something A Bit More Haute to Miami

World, meet April Donelson! Some of you may know her as a fitness guru or the Vice President of National Accounts for Haute Media Group. She’s a true inspiration which makes April my October pick as one of Miami’s most interesting people.

Happy Wednesday and I hope you enjoy my interview with April Donelson!!!


Q 1: April, tell me a little a bit about yourself, and what you do?

First of all. I love Miami. I came here right after college with my BS in Marketing from The Florida State University School of business, and didn’t know a single person. Now, I am a part of one big family of extremely talented executives and friends in an emerging world class city. I feel like Miami and I have grown up together in a lot of ways, and … I love everything about this city.  From the time I was very young, 11 or 12, in South Texas, Victoria, or in Destin, FL, I would look at the weather map during the winter: both locales it would be 30’s/40’s during the winter (I detested cold weather, and still do) and I would look down to Miami on the weather map and always see a pocket of 80’s over Miami – and I proclaimed as soon as I graduated college, I was moving to Miami! My parents, who had both traveled the world, and spent a lot of time down here, would just laugh, and say “You’ve never even been to Miami! How do you know you want to live there?!” I flew to Miami for the first time while a Junior at FSU teaching a summer camp, and while never leaving the gym or my hotel, just knew I belonged here. One year later, I was here for almost a week, my Senior year at FSU, competing in the Fitness America South Beach Pageant as one of twenty girls selected, and while here with my family and best friend, absolutely fell in love with the city.


The Early Years – A fitness GURU in the making

Q 2:  It seems you have a very interesting background. Can you tell a bit about yourself?

I started into Fitness as soon as I began walking, and have been in gymnastics and dance classes from 3 up – it is something that has always been a part of my life. It all keeps me grounded, and focused for each day. When I am 100% in the zone, I work out six day a week, twice daily, workout regime with a mix of outdoor running/walking – weight training – mixed conditioning classes – and dance classes. And am working at all other times. Working out fuels me for working — and working out is in my own way my reward/and unwind from working. 


Q 4: What would I find in your fridge?

Not much unfortunately. Haha. I am always on the run, and order in throughout the day working in my office. Oatmeal, protein powder, and array of vitamins, bottled water…… and that is about it. Except on weekends when I order pizza, take home pasta, Mexican food and other goodies. During weekends, I try to relax and allow myself to enjoy food. 


Q 5: Tell me about your job.

I am Vice President of National Accounts for Haute Media Group – Haute Living – For me, it’s the ultimate dream job. I get to work with an amazing team of professionals as well as meet some of the most interesting people in the world.


Q 6: What is the number one philosophy you live by?

I believe in Working Hard – Training Hard – and challenging yourself to be your own “Best You” –operating from your genuine self, and from love. Everyone has been blessed with their own God-given talents and gifts. Working out, and keeping an overall healthy nutritional plan, getting enough sleep each night, keeps me at my best for my career and life in general. Starting my day being outside — even if it is just a quick 45 minute walk or jog through my neighborhood in the morning, surrounded by the water, sunlight, palm trees, marine life….. just breathing in the air. It keeps me Fueled for the Day, and Ready to take care of whatever is thrown my way!

I encourage everyone to make the commitment to being their best version of themselves possible!


For more information about April, please contact april@hauteliving.com or follow April on Twitter:@HAUTELIVINGMAG – @HAUTEFASHIONDAILY @HAUTEAPRILIRENE


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