Lebanese Accessory Designer, Valerie Mouawad for NORMA ISHAK Fall/Winter 2013

I can’t fully express in few words how much I love my one of a kind NORMA ISHAK Scarf designed especially for me to rock this Fall/Winter 2013! It is made from a vintage fabric with a combination of leather and suede and can be paired back to most anything.

I will treasure this piece forever…

The NORMA ISHAK brand was co-founded by Head Designer, Valerie Mouawad and her mother, Norma Ishak.

NORMA ISHAK is a luxury accessory line that celebrates the individual style and personality of the contemporary woman.

Collecting rare and luxurious yarn from around the world is a passion that Valerie acquired from her mother Norma. Together, the mother and daughter duo transform the yarn into unique pieces of wearable art. They continue to regularly present eye-catching ranges of truly unique luxury knitwear made with only the finest fabrics, beads and feathers mixed with leathers and vintage finds from all over the world. They personally design and inspect each piece in their high quality, fashion-forward collections.

No wonder it’s been often said that Norma Ishak is a designer of wearable art; to be worn with confidence by women who expect to be noticed or even to be displayed as gallery or showcase pieces.

When you wear a Norma Ishak creation you sense the touch of distinct class, a lasting easy-to-wear feel, and become one with the immediately visible beauty that you know reflects your own. Knowing this, it is a genuine privilege and joy for these ladies to design their unique range of luxury knitwear.






For more information on the NORMA ISHAK brand, please click here.


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