FirstStreetFashion – Shop the Designer * Magazine * Style Tips

I’m big on collaborations and when a bunch of creative types get together there is only one thing that can happen – MAGIC. This was the case when Samantha Jaclyn from FirstStreetFashion reached out to me about a collaboration between FSF, Jewelry brand TABELINA by Isabel Cancela and myself. I couldn’t say no!

Photography Courtesy of Laz Hernandez

Often times fashion is about embracing change. So, it’s fitting that FirstStreetFashion started to explore different avenues to view the best collections available to us. Through major industry influencers they have brought to you a website to introduce some of the best uprising fashion designers. FirstStreetFashion is a place where you can view passionate photography displaying each authentic brand sold on their site.  FirstStreetFashion encourages you to browse through their collections often to indulge in the new editorials they post weekly.

In their blog, you will get to know industry professionals such as myself. A dynamic style tip will help you through any fashion struggle. 😉

Their boutique is a place for trendsetters who are seeking new and creative collections. Whether you are shopping, browsing, or blogging, they wish for everyone to enjoy the authenticity that FirstStreetFashion has to offer. For each of the editorials that you see on their home page, you can click “shop now” which will take you to a page where you can view the designers entire collection.

FSF has been designed for fashionistas to get the experience of flipping through a print magazine, yet the convenience of an online shop.

Makeup by Stacey Morotta

Cat eyes courtesy of Makeup Artist Stacey Morotta

TABELINA jewelry by Isabel Cancela


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