Test the Boundaries of Beauty with COVERGIRL Capitol Collection

COVERGIRL teamed up with Hunger Games: Catching Fire to test beauty boundaries by launching the new Capitol Collection. There are 12 high-fashion, avant garde beauty looks that will inspire you to experiment with your beauty norms!

Whether reality, fiction or fairytale, COVERGIRL believes beauty is a form of self-expression. Beyond fashion, music and TV, COVERGIRL always has its sights set on the trends of the future, and now offers women a whole new beauty genre through its partnership with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. As the worlds of fashion and fantasy collide, COVERGIRL transports viewers into the future world of show-stopping, artistic beauty.

Here’s my re-interpretation of the look from DISTRICT 5 – POWER! I am not a professional makeup artist and chose to create a very wearable easy to accomplish daytime look than can transcend into evening by adding some intense black eyeliner, instead of the brown I used to create the day look. Enjoy and be inspired.


View COVERGIRL Capitol Makeup Artist, Dotti’s aspirational beauty looks seen on the 12 models from each district using products from the COVERGIRL Capitol Collection and be sure to check out the products I used from my District 5 inspiration by clicking here


Fashion Designer, Tatiana Kamle and the Wayuu Ethnia Artisans of Colombia

I’ve known Tatiana Kamle aka “Tati” for several years. We met mid-career while working for Conde Nast Americas in Miami, FL. She has always been very professional and has managed to merge professionalism and creativity with effortless transition. Tatiana’s design collaborations are stunning, however I am equally impressed with her humanitarian work. It was a rainy afternoon when Tati and I met tête-à-tête over tea at the St. Regis Bal Harbour. I was thrilled to hear all about her journey and excited to share it with all of you!

My interview with Fashion Designer, Tatiana Kamle 

Share a bit about yourself and the details of Tatiana Kamle by Wayuu.
I’m half Lebanese, half Colombian born in Cali, Colombia.  While I lived in Miami, Fl, I worked for Vogue Latinoamerica magazine for many years. There, my love of fashion and my creativity further developed.

I currently live in Colombia, and use my knowledge of the fashion industry in collaboration with these women by choosing specific colors, different patterns and sometimes less traditional styles for each handmade piece . It’s clear to me that the mochila, the backpack, the clutch and the long strap that resembles a colorful necklace, expresses the Wayuu women’s creativity. And I always highlight this in the designs. “They are the real artists, I just gives them a touch and take them around the world, crossing frontiers.”

These women weave inspired by the colors of our seeds, our flowers and our land. I follow the combination of colors using the warm autumnal tones for the cold months. While the electric blue, green, orange and hot pink characterizes the spring/ summer collection¨. This is a 100% cotton handmade exotic creation and vibrantly embroidered. One, that everyone is talking about. One that takes almost 30 days to weave.

Who are the Wayuu women and their hand woven fabrics?

 The colors of the endless dessert, the blue of the ocean, the pink of the flamingos that color the sky in the Guajira. All the unbridled force of life is expressed in the hand woven fabrics the Wayuu women use to create their bags. A Colombian ethnia that lives in the northern part of the country, close to Cabo de la Vela.

Tell us about the Waleker legend. 

An ancient legend tells that Waleker, a spider taught these women how to weave the colorful threads that intertwine between them. The elderly share, how they dream at night with many of these figures, that then they reflect through their weaves highlighting the Colombian nature, with a legendary fantasy that reminds us of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his fantasy stories.These are the handwoven cotton bags made by the Indigenous Wayuu women from La Guajira, Colombia.


What is the humanitarian project you are involved in?

 Behind this collection, there is a humanitarian project, which is helping improve the living conditions of the Wayuu Ethnia, considered by UNICEF as one of the poorest in the world. Every bag sold supports the preservation of Aboriginal culture by providing income to Wayuu artisans for their daily sustenance, so that they may continue in the fight to preserve their culture”.

For product orders, please contact Tatiana at tkamle@hotmail.com


Laurice Rahmé, Fragrance Creator for BOND NO. 9 launches Perfumista Avenue

December 6, 2013 – I had the pleasure of interviewing Laurice Rahmé , Fragrance Creator for BOND NO. 9 at Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland where guests celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Bond No. 9 New York, with the launch of Perfumista Avenue, the latest addition to the collection. Guests enjoyed champagne and light fare as they sampled custom fragrance blending and the additional cache of receiving a signed bottle by Laurice upon purchase.

To listen to my interview with Laurice Rahmé , please click on the following link:

Saks Fifth Avenue Launches Bond No. 9’s Latest Fragrance for Holiday: New York Patchouli

Miami, Fl – 2013: Saks Fifth Avenue announces the launch of Bond No. 9’s newest fragrance hitting stores just in time for the holidays: New York Patchouli. The holiday season is full to the brim with traditions; parties, eggnog, mistletoe, shopping sprees all eagerly awaited from year to year. Now in its 10th year, Bond No. 9 started a holiday tradition of its own. Each December for the past several years, Bond has introduced a single-note-predominant scent—a master blend that emphasizes and draws out the beauty of one of world’s most iconic perfume notes. It started with New York Oud, a modern-day revision of the hypnotic ancient Eastern wood elixir. The following year, Bond introduced intense and animal New York Amber, and last year, the warm and beckoning New York Musk. This year, with New York Patchouli, the focus is on one of the most coveted and sought after perfume notes of all. Dark, intense, earthy, redolent of wine and balsam, patchouli, surprisingly, is an herb—a member of the mint family, related to lavender, rosemary, and sage. Its origins are the tropical zones of Far East—Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the South Seas—where patchouli oil is distilled from the plant’s distinctly dark green leaves and spiky pink-white flowers. (In Tamil, the ancient East Asian language, the word patchouli means green leaf.) Possessing a complex molecular structure marveled over by chemists, patchouli over the centuries has acquired a fabled history: As a notorious aphrodisiac, a chi balancer in Chinese medicine, a key ingredient in the original India ink and red Chinese ink, a moth repellent, protecting fine fabrics, and, due to its earthy scent, a talisman of riches and wealth. Patchouli traveled along the Silk Route to the Middle East and North Africa, and it was there, in Egypt at the turn of the 19th century, that Napoleon Bonaparte first encountered this beckoning fragrance, its leaves lining and scenting cashmere shawls. He brought some of these shawls back to France, and soon they became a mainstay of Victorian and Belle Epoque fashion. Little wonder that patchouli rapidly acquired a style cachet of its own.

With its mysterious, lingering depths and sliding scale of associations—from languor to opulence, from high fashion to free-being patchouli is a perfumer’s essential which comes into its own especially in warm and provocative oriental scents. Bond No. 9’s New York Patchouli is one such scent. But unlike traditional orientals, this is a sexy, modern, attention-drawing gourmand that, like Bond No. 9’s entire collection of eau de parfum, is inspired by the verve, the energy, the audacity, and the beauty of the City of New York. It starts off with dessert, so to speak:  citrusy bergamot, fresh and delicate rosewater (as used in custards and puddings), and lychee—with its gentle hint of tang. These soon segues into the heart of the scent—patchouli, aided and abetted by fresh yet intoxicating lilies and equally haunting lilacs. Then, the base notes, which give the scent its staying power: resinous amber (one of patchouli’s classic accomplices), smooth and creamy sandalwood, musk—for its carnal kick, and, Atlas cedar—for a contrasting dash of coolness.

The New York Patchouli bottle is rendered in strong, vivacious opaque Moroccan blue—the color of kasbahs and Berber burnouses. The allover old-fashioned script covering the surface functions dually, as a design element and a reminder of patchouli’s fabled history. New York Patchouli arrived at all Saks Fifth Avenue locations in November 2013. 100ml, $330; 50ml, $260.

Laurice Rahme, Fragrance Creator BOND NO. 9

About Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue, one of the world’s pre-eminent specialty retailers, is renowned for its superlative American and international designer collections, its expertly edited assortment of handbags, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics and gifts, and the first-rate fashion expertise and exemplary client service of its Associates. As part of the Hudson’s Bay Company brand portfolio, Saks operates 41 full-line stores in 20 states, five international licensed stores, 72

Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH stores and saks.com, the company’s online store.

Saks Fifth Avenue is proud to be named a J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Customer Service Champion and is only one of 50 U.S. companies so named.


Entrevista con Carmelo Di Fazio autor exitoso de la novela, El Marica

¿Quieres leer un libro intenso, controversial y sobre todo escrito de forma poética y conmovedora?  El Marica por Carmelo Di Fazio autor exitoso de la novela, El Marica que ha tenido un éxito importante en España y sigue rotando con record de ventas a nivel mundial puede ser justo lo que buscas!!

No fue fácil conseguir una entrevista con este genio de la palabra escrita. Seguro que has visto alguna de sus entrevistas como la siguiente en el programa CALA de CNN en Español, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j0cb_vrt4s

A pesar de su agitada agenda de trabajo, Carmelo se sentó a tomar un café conmigo y estuvimos mas de una hora conversando sobre El Marica.

Aquí les dejo mi entrevista con Camerlo Di Fazio autor de la exitoso novela, El Marica. Espero lo disfruten!!

¿Porque escogiste un título tan controversial para tu libro?

En esencia porque uno de los protagonistas de la obra, es homosexual y en la época Franquista; la homofobia era tan fuerte, que siempre se expresaba de ellos de forma muy despectiva. Además; en el fondo me pareció que el título, por lo controversial, podía generar curiosidad y motivar a la lectura. Más aun; cuando lo novela se puede ubicar en cualquier país con dictadura, se Venezuela, Cuba, Chile o Argentina.

”El Marica” parece desnudar la realidad de tu patria en época de dictadura. ¿Ese fue tu objetivo? 

Realmente no; lo que sucede es que la historia como tal, es factible en cualquier nación que vivió o vive una dictadura. En el caso de mi tierra; los venezolanos se sienten identificados, sobre todo por la doble moral de la sociedad, la cual es descrita en el libro de forma directa y sin miedo. También porque en el alto gobierno de Venezuela, hay muchos “homofóbicos” que en realidad esconden su lado más perverso y son muy homosexuales. Incluso hay quienes piensan que el dictador ya difunto, era bisexual. Y por todo esto la gente lo asocia perfectamente, pues en muchos capítulos sienten la vivencia de la Venezuela de hoy.

Todo gran tema humano resulta difícil de tratar como los elementos de esta novela que incluyen el amor, el deseo, rabia, odio, venganza, homofobia y la muerte. ¿Cuál de estos elementos te resulta el más conmovedor?

Pienso que la venganza, porque es basada en el poder del amor bonito. Alguien que decide hacerse sacerdote para vengar la muerte de su amor, y traza un plan macabro tan intenso como en El Marica es verdaderamente conmovedor, intenso, real. Obviamente el amor es el eje de la vida y también de la muerte, en este caso.

¿Existe la posibilidad de adaptar tu libro a la pantalla grande?

Totalmente, de hecho ya estoy en conversaciones con empresas de cine y tv, pues funciona para ambos formatos. El detalle; es que debe ser un productora bien irreverente, acostumbrada a romper esquemas pues la obra es demasiado fuerte. Además deja muy mal parada a la iglesia y el poder militar así como la doble moral de la sociedad, y su falta de valores ante la vida.

¿Cuáles tres palabras describen mejor tu libro?

Intenso, adictivo, irreverente.


No habían dado ni un par de chupadas al semicongelado dulce en conos de galleta, cuando de la nada el menor de los Benítez ingenuamente soltó un trueno con su boca. Sin querer, hizo la pregunta más peligrosa o quizás la más temida y odiada por don Paco, la típica pregunta que siempre obviamos, a sabiendas que algún día nos abofeteará el cachete y tendremos a fuerzas que poner la otra mejilla, casi que por obligación o por simple capricho de la historia. – Abuelo Paco ¿qué es un MARICA? Preguntó el angelito con mirada risueña, ausente de toda culpa, inocente ante el vendaval que le caería una vez interpretada la duda. Era la primera vez que oía esa palabra y su más cercano confidente, la persona a quien podía pedir ayuda para interpretar las curiosidades de la edad, era su abuelo paterno. El anciano detuvo intempestivamente su andar. Su cuerpo quedó paralizado. El Ángel Caído miró de soslayo, frunció el ceño y empezó a volar tan alto como pudo; no quería participar en la refriega verbal que se avecinaba. El aire se congeló, el tiempo se detuvo, el Palacio de Cristal estalló en mil pedazos; todo el parque se convirtió en un atónito bosque petrificado. Era obvio que la insólita pregunta había calado hondo en el abuelo, tanto que le despedazó al alma. Sin medir fuerzas, el viejo apretó con furia la diminuta mano de su descendiente mientras el pequeño se retorcía de dolor. Colérico, el atormentado huraño le gritó:

Se quedaron con ganas de leer mas???!!! El Marica esta a la venta en Amazon.com o puedes visitar al sitio web de Carmelo Di Fazio – elmarica.com

Carmelo Di Fazio


CADSAWAN Captured the Essence of My Soul…

I resemble a butterfly; light, bright, fluttering my wings all over with an open heart.

My soul however is strong and fierce like that of a warrior or dragon.

The essence of my soul has been captured in this dragon pendant

created by the Alchemist of Jewelry, Janet Cadsawan of CADSAWAN

Dragon Pendant comes in Gold or Silver

Jewelry designer, Janet Cadsawan of CADSAWAN knows that jewelry can hold magic!


As a child in Ohio, her mother’s jewelry box was filled with heirlooms from a faraway place where each piece held a different meaning and memory. This was her first lesson in design as well as storytelling. Meaningful, mythic jewelry continues to be her inspiration. During a career break to write a novel (with a jeweler protagonist), Janet discovered her innate design talent. She worked in a jewelry store and apprenticed with a Dutch jeweler while she wrote her book. As the CADSAWAN collection gained attention from galleries as well as boutiques, it became apparent to Janet that she was much better at jewelry design than writing. Janet successfully melded her passions for literature and jewelry by crafting pieces inspired by literature and myths.  Her designs quickly found a cult following in fashionistas such as myself and fans alike, resulting in Janet’s custom work being in-demand by television and film stylists. Conscious of the community, CADSAWAN jewelry is made with reclaimed metal and packaged in recycled materials made in the USA.  Janet has collaborated with True Blood’s Kristen Bauer Straten on “Care A Little More” and “Out for Africa” jewelry collections, benefitting the Center for Biological Diversity and African Elephants. Janet serves on the Education Committee of the Museum of Art & Design, advocating for arts education in NYC schools. She also found a way to combine S&M with fine jewels in collaboration with author EL James to bring you the Fifty Shades of Grey Fine Jewelry Collection.

I asked Janet a few questions which only served to pique my interest in this very complex, creative and interesting woman.

Share with us your background in writing and the transition to jewelry design?

Storytelling and reading have always been the center of my creativity. I read about 150 books a year and I think there is a point when serious readers crave an adventure that no one has yet written. Readers are hunters. They hunt for books they can re-read because that is, after all, the biggest a compliment a reader can give to an author. After raising money for my software idea, centered arounds books and libraries, the Dot Com Bubble burst and soon after, there was 9/11. It seemed like a very appropriate time to start writing a book. So, I began with the research, and I which began with jewelry because my heroine was a jewelry designer – and a jewelry thief! However, I needed more practical information about jewelry, stones, metal, design and business in general, so I worked at a jewelry store. And this is exactly how my life turned into a book, I realized that designing came to me easily, and that jewelry design was indeed my super power. I’m still very upset that I haven’t gone back to writing, but I love what I do now.

What is your design process?

I have two ways of working. One is very accidental. I can see a complete picture of the piece finished in my head. It comes suddenly. I have no control over it. Those don’t come often but they are perfect. The second type of process is similar to writing. It’s a combination of research, editing and prototyping. However, with technology and rapid prototyping, artists can now concentrate on the subtleties of the design, which is where I think the magic lies.

What have been some of your favorite jewelry pieces you’ve created and why?

One of my favorite pieces is the cross bone cuff. It’s a new piece in the Rock and Bones collection. It’s so simple and subtle. Sometimes people look at it thinking it’s bamboo, but they quickly realize they are bones. I like that kind of surprise. This piece and collection was inspired by many things but mainly: my visit to the Capela dos Ossos in Evora, Portugal; A vampire named Bones in the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost, and My Journey to Lhasa: The Classic Story of the Only Western Woman Who Succeeded in Entering the Forbidden City by Alexandra David Néel.

Cross Bone Cuff

This is very geeky, but my second pick is my dragon eggs. From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, dragon eggs are magnificent. I think I make particularly beautiful ones with pearls and colored gems. I also make one with a claw holding the egg for the guys. The mythical dragon has mystified both east and west, but my dragons are lucky and benevolent, rather than ruthless and possessive.

Citrine Dragon Egg Ring

What’s been the highlight of your career to-date?

Fifty Shades of Grey is by far my highlight because the entirety of the this event is historical – from how it was conceived, published and read. I savor the fact that this trilogy pays homage to women’s sexuality. I am happy to be a part of all. Many focus on the naughty bits of the book. Let’s just say that it’s a story about trust from the beginning to the end, and aren’t all relationships about trust?

50 Shades Cuff Bangle

What is your ultimate ambition? Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself as a trend setter of the “geek chic set” as well as a lifestyle brand. It wouldn’t be too far off to say that I want to be the Burberry of geek chic.


Still want more CADSAWAN??? Shop the looks on Cadsawan.com


I Found the Perfect “Party Choos” for this Holiday Season at Jimmy Choo!

Miami, 2013 – Special Olympics Miami-Dade County and Jimmy Choo hosted a private shopping event for an amazing cause! I was on-site offering styling guidance in order to help guests find the the perfect pair of “Party Choos” while photographer Manny Hernandez photographed me in gorgeous Jimmy Choo looks! The event took place on November 18th from 6p-9p at Jimmy Choo, Bal Harbour Shops. Step into this holiday season with my style picks from Jimmy Choo! A pop of vibrant color, animal print and metallics are all you need to look ultra chic. 😉

This Jimmy Choo clutch is a perfect wardrobe staple. The gold hardware is combined with red, orange and haute pink. This is a must-have piece that will never go out of style.

Metallics and Animal Print = Winning Combination

Red is always a sexy and sultry color to have in your wardrobe. These suede sandals with crystal ankle straps can be paired back to everything from a sleek pair of leather pants, a black pencil skirt or skinny jeans and a solid top.

Lime is a beautiful hue for Miami and these Choos work well with this oversized snake skin envelope clutch

On the hunt to find the perfect clutch for Valerie Bleus’s “Party Choos”

For questions on the latest and greatest in Jimmy Choo designs, please contact Susan.Banner@jimmychoo.com or 305.864.3656

For information on the Special Olympics Miami-Dade County click here.


Designer Luncheon with Bellagio Home & Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

Miami, 2013 – I was invited by hosts Susan Preville, Director of Luxe Interiors + Design  and Pieter Weyts, Bellagio Home to be part of an intimate group of haute Interior Designers in a very exclusive luncheon for a private viewing of the latest Bellagio Home pieces.

Bellagio home is one of the finest furniture stores in the world and offers bespoke premium furniture made by Allesandro Vinci on the borders of lake Como in Italy. Their exclusive products are timeless and beautifully crafted using only the finest materials and fabrics. Bellagio home has Showrooms in Miami Beach and Boyton Beach. They ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Adicionalmente, envian directamente a todos los paises en Latinoamerica!

Enjoy a brief glimpse into an afternoon with design stars and step into the world of Bellagio Home and experience luxury furniture of exceptional quality, style and beauty.


Masters of Design luncheon hosted by the vibrant PIETER WEYTS, BELLAGIO HOME (to my immediate right)



For more information on Bellagio Home, please contact Pieter Weyts at pweyts@bellagio-home.com

For more information on Luxe Interiors + Design , please contact Susan Preville at spreville@luxemagazine.com