Victoria’s Secret knows a woman’s body! It was only fitting for them to ask Supermodel Doutzen Kroes to be their spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret Sport 2014. Everything you love about Victoria’s Secret lingerie is now available in their sports line. Todo lo que amas de Victoria’s Secret, ahora también está disponible en sostenes deportivos, y en todas las tiendas Victoria’s Secret!Victoria’s Secret conoce el cuerpo de la mujer mejor que cualquier otro, así que tienen exactamente lo que necesitas para hacer ejercicio.

Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

Interview with Doutzen Kroes

How did you get first started with Victoria’s Secret? I started with Victoria’s Secret shortly after I began working with DNA Model Management in NYC, and I was asked to attend a casting at Victoria’s Secret’s offices.

What else are you working on besides modeling? Aside from modeling, I’m a wife and mother–which is fun, amazing and exhausting! I’m also an ambassador for Dance for Life, which is a charity based in Holland, that raises awareness about HIV and AIDS among young people, and has partnered with schools across

What/where was your favorite modeling shoot and why? Wow, tough question mainly because I’ve been part of so many incredible shoots. Two that spring to mind is the Pirelli calendar shoot with Patrick Demarchelier in China. To work with Patrick was amazing and I had never been to China before, so I brought my sister with me and after the shoot, we stayed for a few days and traveled which was just incredible. The second shoot, was shooting my first Italian Vogue cover with Steven Meisel.

How do you stay Healthy? I eat healthy and I stay active—mostly chasing my son around!

What is your favorite workout? I do a workout called Ballet Beautiful–it’s based on dancer training and is a tough and fun workout. And I love to workout with my trainer, who always mixes up the sessions with jump rope and boxing.

Least favorite workout and why? Probably yoga…I know it’s very calming,  but I love a workout that is fast and loud and has a Beyonce soundtrack!

What is your guilty pleasure foodwise? Chocolate…

How much sleep do you get a night? Possibly 5 1/2 to 6 hours of sleep per night…but never more than that..unfortunately!

What is a typical day like for you? I don’t think I ever have a “typical” day. When I work, I’m out of the house before my son wakes up, and if my husband is in town, it’s such a rare treat, that we’ll plan a family day. I always make time to work out, and I LOVE cooking for my fellas (my husband and son)…but I will say the most consistent thing I do on a daily basis is make breakfast for my son, take him to school, check in via email, the phone or text with my family and agents, and make the time to spend with my husband and son.

I see your son is going to be 3 –  What kind of fun things is he up to now? You mean, what is he NOT up to now? He loves his bike, and he loves it when my husband records or plays music–he’s pretty obsessed with every technological device we have. And he’s becoming such a little actor—-making me and my husband laugh, is one of his big things these days.

Your birthday is coming up also? What are your plans? Do u and your son celebrate together? It is!! I’m not sure what my birthday plans are–I love making a big deal out of other’s birthdays, but not my own, so my husband and I will probably spend a lot of energy planning Phyllon’s big day.

What is something you want readers to know about you? It’s interesting because I don’t see myself as someone that people would be interested in…I’m very lucky, that I’ve been able to build a career as a model, and I think the most important role I have is to be a positive

Who is your favorite model and why?  I wouldn’t say I have a ‘favorite’ model mainly because I’ve had the good fortune of working with so many great ladies many of whom are good friends.  I do have a great deal of admiration for the models who are juggling careers with motherhood, as well as so many who use their celebrity to raise awareness and funds for charities and social causes.

Who is your inspiration and why? Definitely my family. It wasn’t until I met my husband and we had our son, that I realized how important it is to be focused on something other than your own happiness.
What is your dream project? To be Bond Girl…but I’m not sure if I want to be a villain or the love interest

How many pieces are in your underwear drawer? Must be a lot!  I have tons and tons of underwear..there’s thongs, boy shorts, granny name it 🙂

Behind the Scenes images courtesy of Anais Benoudiz Photography

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Available at select / Disponible en tiendas selectas y en

Team Work! Videographer, Hugo Meneses; Photographer, Anais Benoudiz

A special thanks to my amazing team! Stay tuned for the Behind the Scenes video and my in depth interview with Doutzen in the February issue of Luxe Magazine MX. For now, please enjoy the January issue:

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