Queen of Innovation: Jewelry and Handbag Designer, Sylvia Toledano

Sylvia Toledano has created a collection of bags and jewelry of worldwide acclaim. A true collector at heart, Sylvia creates limited series that are sensual while maintaining a playful undertone.

C’est Magnifique!!!


Interview with the Queen of Innovation, Sylvia Toledano

Q. When did the Sylvia Toledano Collection unveil?

A. It all began in 2008. Before, I was a painter. I would say that my creations are the logical continuation of my art:  the starting point is the drawing. Then, normally, you paint on the canvas, but I wanted to experience a new artistic adventure by playing with Austrian crystals. Those little bags became my new canvas and the crystals, my new pallet of colors and lights. In 2012, I started my jewelry collection, influenced by my experience in the famous Parisian auction house Drouot. I fell in love with vintage jewelry designers very early, Claude Lalanne, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Tony Duquette … There’s something mystical and magical about their jewels, and I am very attracted by what surrounded gemstones, they have a kind of good vibration, a communicative strength. I wanted to actualize those pieces for feminine, smart, and active women. And so I created my own collection!

Q. What is your design philosophy?

A. The clutches and the jewels I design are handmade. I create it as I would create a piece of art, I want them to be meaningful and spiritual. They are like charms or talismans, they give you luck, strenght, happiness… It’s really personal.

Q. Tell me about your collaboration with Guerlain?

A. Guerlain’s philosophy is really close to mine. I think that’s why they noticed a collaboration I made with Le Printemps (Paris). And then they contacted me and asked me to adorn with jewels Le Flacon d’Exception Shalimar dedicated to worldwide collectors. Everything went very naturally. I like the legend of Shalimar, that’s feminine, romantic, epic, it makes sense to me, it inspires me. Not to forget that the flask curves are so sensual… Working on it has been a real pleasure!

Q. What is your number one challenge as a designer?

A. I want to keep working with passion. I couldn’t create without doing what Iove.

Q. Any words of encouragement for emerging young design talent?

A. Be yourself! Feel free to do what you love. To be a good designer is not about being in fashion, it’s about “making” fashion. There’s always something new to do. One doesn’t have to fear the infinity of the imagination.

For more information on Sylvia Toledano, please visit, sylviatoledano.com

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