Unite4:Good – Inspire, Empower, Share Love!

January 20, 2014 marked a momentous day for kindness, empathy, and unite4:good, as it was when the Day of Unity launched in Miami. During the day, 25 charitable organizations and 7,600 people in the Miami community celebrities, influencers and local heroes alike turned out to pay-it-forward to the beautiful city. From cheering unite4:good as it walked in the Martin Luther King Jr. 37th Annual Parade, to volunteering to read to children during the Amigos for Kids program, to painting murals at Dorsey Park, people were driven to making a difference. But this impact was not only felt locally, but nationally as several news outlets covered the events and highlighted some of the causes such as the Joshua’s Heart Foundation feeding 800 Miami families. These were truly heart-warming and amazing sights to see.


Once the daily festivities were over, we capped off the night in a grand fashion. A sea of humanitarians walked down a red carpet at the Ice Palace where DJ Saint Chill was performing. As they entered, the attendees were greeted by the emcee Enrique Santos and Co-Host MarlyQ. Afterward it was time for Miami On Beat, DJ Saint Chill and Cam Anthony to hit the stage.


Once Cam Anthony performed the last song it was time to honor local heroes of Miami with awards. We were pleased to recognize Estrella Sibila (Innovation Award), Pamela Silva Conde (Legacy Award — Media), Dr. Beverly Dalrymple (Legacy Award — Academia), Norie del Valle (Legacy Award — Non-Profit), Kanaly Almodovar (Youth Leadership Award), James Echols and Annette Piekart (Arts & Culture Award). With all the awards given out, it was the moment the audience was waiting for — Flo Rida. Flo Rida came out to perform an incredible one-hour set.


When all was said and done, the profound effect these 24-hours had on creating positive action are best illustrated in the 20,000+ acts of kindness performed and over 60 million impressions generated from media coverage!

For more information on unite4:good, please click HERE

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