CARTIER – Mathilde Laurent’s Fragrance Laboratory

Mathilde Laurent’s Cartier Fragrance Laboratory 

221 Boulevard Raspail, Paris 75014, France

Mathilde Laurent, Cartier Perfumer
                                                                 Image by Gérard Uféras © Cartier


Architect Jean Nouvel’s ascetic simplicity, glass surfaces and uncluttered clean lines are tailor-made for Perfumer Mathilde Laurent.

The brand new Cartier fragrance laboratory, run by Cartier Perfumer Mathilde Laurent, was purpose-designed by Jean Nouvel, interior designer for the Fondation Cartier building, who consulted extensively with Cartier in conceptualising the space.

Up on the sixth floor of the Fondation building on Boulevard Raspail in Paris, this ultra-modern bastion of creativity is the new birthplace of Cartier fragrances.

The meticulous design focuses on the essentials. Stripped of the superfluous and reduced to the basics, the laboratory meets the rigorous demands of perfumer Mathilde Laurent, a trained chemist who hones her craft at atomic and molecular level.

The perfumer’s pared-down aesthetic resonated with Nouvel, whose design studio produced the custom furnishings, from the perfume organ to filing cabinets, all tailored to Laurent’s specifications.

Mathilde Laurent, Cartier Perfumer
                                                               Image by Gérard Uféras © Cartier

Cartier Perfumer Mathilde Laurent joined the Maison in 2005 when she helped conceive and develop the exclusive Custom-Made Fragrance service. In the Salon des Parfums at Cartier’s 13 Rue de la Paix boutique, she consults with an international clientele, for whom she creates unique olfactory portraits.

Her accomplishments to date include the Roadster fragrance for men (created in 2008), Cartier de Lune (2011), Baiser Volé (2011) and La Panthère (2014). She established Cartier’s place in High Perfumery with Les Heures de Parfum, a collection of 13 fragrances that was recognized by elite perfumers at the 2010 FIFI awards of the Fragrance Foundation of France. LA TREIZIÈME HEURE won two prestigious awards: the Perfume Creator’s Prize and the Specialist’s Prize.

Image by Gérard Uféras © Cartier

Image by Gérard Uféras © Cartier

This is the perfect laboratory for a perfumer who scrupulously weighs and measures her art using a chemist’s apparatus of pipettes and flasks. 

All information and images provided are Copyright © 2011 Cartier International


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