It’s THAT Worth It campaign – L’Oreal & Miami Dermatologist, Dr. Mayoral Raise Awareness to Prevent Melanoma & Support Life-Saving Research

its Melanoma Loreal

L‘Oreal events are usually lovely, carefree and populated by beautiful people showcasing the latest in beauty. On Thursday, May 8th the event held at the Mondrian South Beach was nothing short of spectacular – yet there was a more serious note in the air due to the important topic of Melanoma prevention & Support Life-Saving Research presented by Ambassador & Miami Dermatologist, Dr. Mayoral.

Dr. Mayoral states that “As a local Miami dermatologist, I cannot tell you how many unfortunate cases I’ve encountered of our very own Hispanic community members that just simply lack the knowledge about melanoma. However, wearing sunscreen is a must in order to prevent melanoma.  It is so simple and easy, and should be part of everyone’s daily beauty regimen. There is a tremendous need for education. I get it – Culturally, we didn’t grow up with our parents proactively making us apply and reapply sunscreen. Coming from countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, SPF was never a topic of conversation.”



The Facts!

·         Hispanic women (23%) continue to grade themselves a D or F when it comes to knowledge of proper suncare.

·         58% of Hispanic women believe they should wear sunscreen regularly, but only 35% do so.

·         Hispanic women don’t seem to be worried about melanoma. Less than 17% of Hispanic women think melanoma is in their future.



The It’s THAT Worth It™ Safe Sun Survey was commissioned by L’Oréal Paris, in partnership with the Melanoma Research Alliance, to continue to raise awareness for It’s THAT Worth It, a public health call-to-action that urges women of all skin tones to prevent melanoma by using sunscreen and to help save lives by supporting cutting-edge melanoma research for a cure. The campaign, which launched on April 8th, leverages celebrity spokespeople Eva Longoria, Aimee Mullins, Lea Michele, skin cancer survivor Diane Keaton and L’Oréal Paris executive and melanoma survivor Danielle Macaluso in a series of broadcast and print public service announcements (PSAs) and I DO IT video, as well as the It’s THAT Worth It™ Thunderclap.

How the It’s THAT Worth It™ Campaign Works

You can join the cause with L’Oréal Paris and MRA by signing up for the Thunderclap on from now through May 20th at 5:00PM EDT. As a thank you, L’Oréal Paris will make a donation to MRA of $1 for each supporter who signs up for the Thunderclap and $1 for each L’Oréal Paris Advanced Suncare product sold in the U.S. — up to $250,000 in 2014 (the campaign excludes the State of Mississippi). This support is part of a three-year, $750,000 donation by L’Oréal Paris funding MRA research that explores melanoma susceptibility, development and progression. As of today, the Thunderclap has reached 66 percent of the goal for supporters; the Thunderclap will not be heard unless the goal is reached.


Sales of L’Oréal Paris’ New Advanced Suncare Collection Support MRA

L’Oréal Paris’ Sublime Sun collection is now available as Advanced Suncare, which continues to offer outstanding protection in a range of ultra-convenient formulations. According to the Safe Sun Survey results:


  • Women’s dislike of using sunscreen has significantly increased from last year with more women citing texture (15% vs. 7% in 2013) and smell (16% vs. 10% in 2013) of sunscreen products as something they don’t enjoy.
  • This year, significantly more Hispanic women (12% vs. 5%) admit they don’t like the way most sunscreens make their skin look.


L’Oréal Paris’ Advanced Suncare collection offers 13 products, including two new products — Advanced Suncare Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion and Advanced Suncare Quick Dry Sheer Finishing Spray. Advanced Suncare Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion is a lightweight tinted face lotion containing color-equalizing pigments to correct, even, smooth and brighten skin, leaving skin soft, with a matte finish. Advanced Suncare Quick Dry Sheer Finishing Spray is an ultra-lightweight, liquid silk lotion that comes in a first-to-mass alcohol-free aerosol spray form. The non-irritating and never sticky formula provides a matte, barely there finish that feels dry to the touch. L’Oréal Paris’ Advanced Suncare line is tested on all ethnicities, and includes patented UVA/UVB protection; a non-whitening formula that blends invisibly on all skin tones; and a non-greasy texture. In short, everything people want in a sunscreen, which encourages frequent use and helps to keep them better protected from melanoma and other skin cancers. The benefits of L’Oréal Paris Advanced Suncare include luxurious forms that allow for smooth, mess-free application; nourishing ingredients with a hydrating complex with Vitamin E and a blend of skin-protecting antioxidants; and gentle formulas including, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, dermatologist-tested and safe for sensitive skin.

For more information on L’Oreal products please click HERE.

For more information on the Melanoma Research Alliance, please click HERE.

For an appointment with Dr. Mayoral, please click HERE.

All images provided are property of L’Oreal Paris Usa.


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