SUSY WHO – Mother & Daughter Design Team Making Miami a Little Bit Sexier

The SusyWho brand focuses on making you feel comfortable in your own skin. The family run business designs clothes for the modern, hard working woman who seeks unique & luxurious clothing at an affordable price. Inspired by their many travels, Michelle Nakah and her mother “Susy” are the perfect design team by infusing two generations of life experience to create beautiful, easy to wear garments. They embrace beauty in all figures in their designs. You can expect to find garments in all sizes. They are never afraid to think outside the box in order to bring women the designs they want. Whether it’s a night out on the town or a walk in the park, picture yourself in SusyWho!


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Interview with Michelle Nakah, Head Designer for Susy Who


How did you get into fashion?

I always wanted my personality to match my sense of style. I grew up with the “do it yourself” concept, very independent. Whenever I wanted a new outfit, I would deconstruct something that I already had and made it look different. I never liked how anything fit me when I was in high school so I learn to adjust fashion into my body, not the other way around.  I was very drawn to learn how to sew and expand my creativity into fashion.

When did you arrive at the decision to begin your own line?

While I was working as a technical designer for a clothing company, I felt very unhappy and did not get treated very well. One day I was so devastated that I decided to no longer work for them and spent the day setting up my LLC online instead! That motivated me even more to start my own company and follow my vision!

What was the inspiration for the brand’s name, “SusyWho”?

Susy is my mother’s name. She’s a huge fashion influence in my life, especially because she had a clothing line when I was growing up. Later she decided to dedicate her time to raise my sister and I.  She did such a great job on raising me and encouraging me to always follow my passion that I wanted to thank her by using her name. “Who” is for identity. It’s always good to remember who we are no matter what we do, where we come from or how we look.

How do you accommodate the needs of clients who may have different fashion sensibilities?

I give them the option of making custom adjustments for them to feel comfortable. I like to listen to my clients and get their input on how I can adapt my pieces into their style.

What’s next for you professionally?

Due to the high command, I am now expanding into plus size to cater those who have a hard time finding contemporary, comfortable, good quality and fashion forward designs.

For more information or to purchase Susy Who, please click here

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