Estée Lauder- Summer Calls for Bright Eyes & Youthful Glowing Skin

Breakthrough New Eye Treatment Maximizes the Power of Night to Re-Ignite the Youthful Light of Eyes


Eyes are where a woman’s light comes from and Estée Lauder Scientists’ latest cutting-edge research initiatives reveal that a look of more light can give new youthfulness to eyes; therefore, light equals youth. Light is a profound reflection of what’s happening deep within skin, and, therefore, is an ultimate measure of skin’s overall youthful look.


When eyes lose their youthful glow, they look tired and dull. Understanding that chronological aging and environmental assaults, such as pollution, can dim the eye area’s natural youthful light, Estée Lauder developed our most advanced eye treatment ever. Introducing NEW Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Recovery Complex II, a formula for eyes that maximizes the power of night to re-ignite the youthful light of eyes. Advanced with exclusive ChronoluxCB™ Techonology and featuring all of the powerful repair and prevention of revolutionary Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II face serum, NEW Advanced Night Repair Eye takes advantage of the restorative power of night to repair the look of damage that can age delicate eye-area skin, which is 40% thinner than facial skin.


Through addressing every key visible sign of aging around the eye – including fine lines, crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness and uneven texture – the multi-benefit formula restores the youthful light to eyes, for every woman, every day. In fact, NEW Advanced Night Repair Eye is proven to visibly improve all key parameters that contribute to eye youthfulness.1 Lines, wrinkles and puffiness appear diminished. Eyes look more youthful, vibrant and brighter, less fatigued.



Cosmetic leaders in “skincare repair,” Estée Lauder Scientists have discovered that look of light is the secret to younger-looking skin. Light is a profound reflection of what’s happening deep within skin and, therefore, is the ultimate measure of skin’s overall quality and youthfulness. Leveraging over 10 years of research, Estée Lauder Scientists discovered key eye area parameters – both visible and biological – that contribute to skin’s overall youthful, luminous look. These parameters include under eye lines, texture, puffiness, crow’s feet, lines and wrinkles and radiance. The more moisturized, smoother and firmer skin is, the more light will emanate from within and the more youthful the eye area will look. Unfortunately, skin’s natural light and youthful look diminish with fatigue, age and exposure to pollution.



NEW Sculpting Foundation Brush

Identifying the perfect foundation for your complexion is only half the battle in the quest for flawless looking skin. To achieve professional looking makeup results, using the right application tool is just as important. Enter the NEW Sculpting Foundation Brush – an expertly designed tool crafted for maximum control and effortless application to create a smooth, seamless finish. It’s the latest reinvention in foundation brushes.

The luxurious NEW Sculpting Foundation Brush, designed exclusively for Estée Lauder, helps to ensure professional-level application for expert results. The uniquely angled, ergonomic shape intuitively hugs the contours of the face for effortless sculpting effect and ultimate definition. The curved design helps get into hard-to-reach places, while the refined outer tip enables blending in corners for a polished look.

The NEW Sculpting Foundation Brush makes it easy to feel like a makeup artist when applying foundation. The one-of-a-kind brush design makes it the ideal tool for contouring and sculpting so skin looks flawless and perfected.

Created with a combination of synthetic and natural fibers for seamless application and blending, this sleek brush can be used with all Estée Lauder liquid foundations.


Pump foundation onto the back of your hand.

Pat Sculpting Foundation Brush into makeup until equally distributed onto bristles.

Apply using 3 quick upward motions, working from center of face out.

  1. Across cheeks and up toward middle of ears
  2. Across chin and over lower jaw
  3. At center of forehead and out toward temples

Finish with a swirling motion to lightly blend over entire face.


A Breakthrough Makeup Infused with Age-Defying Perfectionist Serum Technology

For glowing, perfected, more youthful skin, Estée Lauder introduces NEW Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup Broad

Spectrum SPF 25, offering the next generation in age-defying skin-perfection. A first from the “serum experts,” this breakthrough

foundation is infused with Estée Lauder’s youth-enhancing Perfectionist [CP+R] Serum technology to deliver real skincare

benefits and transforms skin’s look and feel. This super-performing silky makeup glides on seamlessly leaving complexions looking

luminously radiant, glowing and noticeably younger – the essence of beautiful skin.

Serum Experts

NEW Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 25 incorporates Estée Lauder’s proven skincare

technologies to elevate foundation to a whole new level. Supercharged with the brand’s exclusive CPR-75 Technology developed

for the best-selling Perfectionist [CP+R] Serum, to help repair the look of lines and wrinkles. This dual-action, advanced amino

acids and protein complex fuels skin’s natural rebuilding power for smoother, firmer looking skin. Simultaneously, Wrinkle Lift

Restructuring Peptides help plump the look of lines and wrinkles by promoting skins natural production of collagen and elastin.

The result is a hardworking makeup that acts like an advanced skincare treatment.


Designed with a blend of advanced optical ingredients, this complexion-perfecting formula softly highlights and defines to

enhance facial features and brighten skin. Perfecting Priming Beads suspended within the formula, instantly fills lines while blurring

imperfections to create flawlessly, youthful skin. Brightening Optics go beyond a “cover-up” to enhance natural facial contours,

creating brightening highlights and subtle shadows for the ideal facial dimension and definition. Complete with an exclusive

Nourishing Moisture Complex that contains Hyaluronic Acid, it quenches skin with oil-free moisture. The lightweight, ultracomfortable

formula delivers an exceptionally natural-looking makeup with a satin-finish, so skin feels luxuriously soft to the touch.





 All images provided by Estée Lauder


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