Yanina Faour, Argentine Jewelry Designer for OLEANA is Making Waves

The Argentine soccer team is two days away from a potential World Cup victory which makes it only fitting for my eyes, heart and soul to gravitate towards Argentine talent! I came across the lovely Yanina Faour, Argentine jewelry designer for the brand OLEANA  about a month ago while hunting for the perfect oversized made to order ring.

Contrary to popular belief, not all Argentines know each other – especially when you don’t live in the same city. I live in Miami and Yanina resides in Buenos Aires. Yanina is making waves with her innate talent and passion. She is currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina where her collections are produced.

Yanina was raised in Buenos Aires and Boston, and comes from a family of jewelers. As a result of her many travels, Yanina came to the realization that there was a need for personalized jewels that preserve individual identity. 
As an artist and jewelry designer, she presents indisputably extravagant jewelry with sculptural character.

Vamos Argentina!!!

Yanina Faour, OLEANA Jewelry

Yanina Faour, OLEANA Jewelry


Q.)    Your design inspiration comes from Religious Mysticism. Can you please expand on this?

I come from a bi-religious home, my grandparents from one side were muslims and from the other side they were catholics. Today I am married to my husband who ‘s jewish, my son has the three religions in his blood. I am very moved by any form of religion expression and I went on exploring spirituality from this perspective.

Galaxy Ring

Galaxy Ring

Q.)   Do you believe offering commissioned custom jewelry sets you apart from other jewelry designers?

I believe it does, for me it represents the ultimate luxury! From the materials and the time spent perspective, to be able to listen to the clients needs and to be able to materialize their dreams in custom orders is priceless.

Liturgia Chic Ring

Liturgia Chic Ring

Q.)   Where is OLEANA Jewelry currently sold?

Oleana jewelry collection can currently be found in many countries including Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, the United States, England and France. Also, exclusively online at www.underoursky.com

Aros Flor Galaxy Ring

Aros Flor Galaxy Ring

Q.)   Does the OLEANA brand name have a special meaning? When did you come up with it?

Oleana tells the story of a woman’s journey. A woman dedicated to art as a way of life, honoring the traditions of her European ancestors, traveling artisans who came to settle in Buenos Aires bringing a new artistic movement with them. The story celebrates freedom of expression, the power of feminine energy and the beauty of Buenos Aires past and present, a mystical city of contrasts and a melting pot of influences and cultures.

Q.)   How did you go from working in the financial district in Boston to the world of jewelry design?

Jewelry was in my family during four generations, I tried to escape my destiny, went on trying to have a more “Formal” career, but I discovered I had it in my blood.

Q.)  Do you have any future plans to further expand brand awareness and points of sale?

We are currently expanding regionally, launching in Mexico first this year and launching in Miami right afterwards.

Cristales Rings

Cristales Rings


www.oleana.com.ar   |info@oleana.com.ar

ADDRESS: Rodríguez Peña 2067 PB “A”, Recoleta. Tel. [54+11] 4812 5169



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