Hydrate, Illuminate, Even, Firm and Correct! Sharing Some Secrets to Glowing Skin ;)

There is no doubt that adding some summer glow to your skin makes you appear healthier & thinner. BB Jergens Body Cream is technically not a self-tanner.  It works perfect as a complement to your favorite fake bake product – since shades are aimed at women with varying skin tones, which creates a more uniform/even, moisturizing, firming and illuminating effect. It also has a hyper blur effect to hide skin imperfections. Imagine the happiness I felt when I benefited from all these results from just one product?!!!! This seriously enhances your skin tone in every positive way.

Every summer I try new products in the hopes to broaden my list of favorites to achieve glowing skin. I focus on products that smell as good as they look on my skin. Much like perfume, not every scent works well on everyone. This is the part of experimentation where trial and error is unavoidable. Until you try the product on your own skin it’s hard to confirm whether it will work or not.

Here is a run down for enhancing the glow of your face and body with Jergens BB Cream, which (by the way) is the first BB Cream for body in the U.S. Just sayin’ … 😉

How to use Jergens BB Cream for Body (on your face)

First, put hair up before you start so you don’t miss any parts. Don’t forge to also apply product on the ears! Prep skin by cleansing and exfoliating. Make sure to skip moisturizer, which will interfere with the BB Cream. Next, apply under-eye cream since you’ll want the color of your skin to be lighter under the eyes, which creates a more youthful look. Blend a few drops of the lighter shade of Jergens BB Cream and a dab of your favorite moisturizer in the palm of your hand then apply over face, neck and ears. Wait about 8 to 10 minutes until your skin feels dry and then apply sunscreen. Your skin will instantly glow and appear more even-toned.

How to use Jergens BB Cream for Body

Jergens BB Cream for the Body comes in two shades: light & medium/deep. I combine equal parts of both to give me the glow I desire. You can play with this as you go… Apply BB Cream limb by limb in a circular motion. Next, after applying the BB Cream to your thighs from (front to back), use the excess to cover your knees. Finally, apply BB Cream to your hips, stomach & torso, following with your arms & shoulders. I highly recommend applying BB Cream the night before a big occasion. This gives the product ample time to develop. In the morning, shower but DO NOT exfoliate and reapply for added glow.


Messing up is ok!

If you end up with an uneven glow, a quick fix is to use astringent or even toothpaste as a remover. Make sure to exfoliate to even out before re-application. If you don’t reach that desired glow on your first trial than just repeat the entire process until you reach your radiate with healthy skin.


For more information on Jergens BB Body Cream click here.




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