Hello!!!! I am thrilled to share my new freelance adventure with all of you! As Chispa Magazine‘s Lifestyle Director, I oversee the lifestyle department, which consists of fashion, beauty, interior design… all things beautiful. I will direct and conceptualize the department’s editorial content and work closely with writers, photographers, and advertisers to ensure that our readers are given the most up-to-date information regarding lifestyle trends. Below is my press announcement. For submissions or inquiries, please email



Contact: Mia Guerra | 



Photography by Anais Benoudiz

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 12, 2014 –

Chispa Magazine, a bimonthly magazine for women who care deeply about life and its assignments announces Romina Nabhen as Lifestyle Director. Chispa Magazine fills a void in the marketplace with soul, wit, and an unwavering respect for story-telling, encouragement, design, and craftsmanship.

Created for women of all roles, regardless of their season, the magazine plays on women’s desire to be beautiful and eternally purposeful. In fact, this too shall be a new season for Nabhen who will not only provide direction on all things beautiful; instead, she will define the whys and make an internal impact in the world of women today.

Editorial Director Mavian Arocha-Rowe says, “I have witnessed Romina Nabhen at work for many years. During the initial planning on who would direct lifestyle, such as fashion, beauty, interior design sectors within Chispa Magazine, we were keen on wanting someone that would help women get to their next level. With Nabhen’s experience, but most of all heart for women and humanitarian issues, we knew her contribution would further build Chispa Magazine’s goal.”

“Nabhen deeply understands people and relationships, which make her an excellent choice for this key company initiative,” states Arocha-Rowe. “Her passion and commitment to building a legacy are all inspiring.” beyondgreenwomen

Nabhen has held positions with luxury leaders such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Fendi Casa and Conde Nast Americas where she directed and projecy managed numerous large-scale events. She is recognized by international media as a Lifesyle, Fashion and Beauty Expert in outlets such as CNN Español, the Style Network, BRAVO, CBS, ABC, Telemundo, Univision, and MegaTV among others. Her multicultural background allows her the ability to cross over between English and Spanish language on-air and print media vehicles. In addition, her fashion and beauty insights have been featured in print and online publications such as VOGUE Latin America/Mexico, Ocean Drive Magazine, Selecta, VENUE, Coral Living, Miami New Times, Key Biscayne Magazine, El Nuevo Herald, VIP Latino, Hola Ciudad, New You, Strategy Magazine, and TARGET (A Bulleye View); plus, lifestyle blogs such as La Nueva Voz Latina and Mujer Activa.

Combining the strength of its dedicated audience with the legacy and recognition of its editorial team, the editorial focus of Chispa Magazine goes beyond any lifestyle magazine and takes a journalistic look at what is happening in today’s cultural zeitgeist.

Chispa Magazine is available on the App Store, Google Play newsstands, as well as print on demand. It will also have a starting e-newsletter distribution of 200,000. Email distribution will include affluent and decision-making women, as well as digital copies for top industry insiders.


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