Science + Nature + Finland = LUMENE



The evolution of Lumene’s products, from inception to final product have become much more scientifically focused and reliant on mixing natural ingredients with modern technology. Buckthorn is a huge ingredient, antioxidants and the removal of dangerous chemicals to bolster their effectiveness are also key players, stepping away from harsh materials and towards enriching skin care, as well as, vitamin C for anti-aging and pigmentation problems.

About Lumene’s History:


It starts in the wild, with the resilient powers of Arctic ingredients. Using scientific expertise from our pharmaceutical roots, we introduce untamed nature to modern technology. With our heritage and knowledge, our mission is simple: Lumene was created to combine the best of nature with the best of science to illuminate natural beauty in all.





In the harsh, ever-changing climate of Arctic nature, only the strongest survive. The potent, powerful berries found here are stronger than anything else after enduring freezing winters and short, intense summers. During the 24-hour summer sunshine, they soak up the rays of light and hold their resilience all through the dark winters.



Combining insight of the power of wild arctic nature with our scientific expertise has been our recipe for illuminating beauty for more than 40 years. But benefiting from these natural powers, also means the need to care for them and the environment around us.

I recognize that all Lumene products are simply genius! My latest addiction is the Bright Now Visible Repair 2In1 Eye Cream & Concealer. This product is anti-wrinkle, protective and brightening all in one travel and cosmetic case ready pot.

For more information on the Lumene product line, click here

Images property of Lumene.

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