Makeup Tips for Black & White Photos

Working with International Photograper, Anais Benoudiz for the below black & white series of images was a blast. We shared laughs, 80’s music blasting in the background and then there were those moments when I knew I was in the presence of sheer genius.

I often do my own styling and makeup for my photo-shoots and it goes a long way to know your face and how to bring out the best of your features. Black and white photos are amazing and transmit a timeless appeal, but do you know that there are makeup tricks for black and white photos? It’s so different and as simple as picking out a dark makeup hue over neutral colors can make your look dramatically different than you may have intended. If black and white photos appeal to you and you want to know how to apply your own makeup for black and white photography; I’ve got some makeup tips that will make you look glam!

Some of my favorite products used to create my look were AERIN Weekday palette for my face/lips as well as AERIN rose lip balm for a hint of sheen. I also love the depth that 08 Infamous Sky sculpting eye shadow palette by Estee Lauder Palette gave me, and AERIN essential brown cool gel eyeliner made my hazel eyes pop.

Tip 1:  With my black and white photos, I wanted to keep the look elegant, so I generally want to go with something simple on my skin and lips and a bit more intense on the eyes. I always go with lighter shade on the lips and I keep it simple. A classic look can really go a long way in black and white photography. Remember, makeup for black & white images is different than what you wear in colored photos, so picking simple yet elegant shades and creating dimension by the intensity of makeup application might be your best bet.

Tip 2:  I wanted my face to appear more sculpted and with more definition to it so I went with a bronzer, one that’s a bit darker than what I usually use. This will really stand out in the photos and you will look chiseled. The color won’t show up, as dramatic as it looks in person, meaning you can go much darker with your bronzer than you probably normally would.

Tip 3:  There aren’t going to be any colors in the photos, so you wind up with varying shades of gray. If you want your lips to stand out, you have to make them a bit darker. Choosing a darker color or even a bold red hue will really make your lips appear more dramatic. In my case, focus was on my eyes so I opted for something more natural, like a neutral colored lip liner and gloss with a pinkish color.




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