John Frieda and Jergens, proud beauty sponsors of Divinas y Humanas featuring Nuestra Belleza 2014, Aleyda Ortiz

On Tuesday, April 21st, John Frieda and Jergens were the proud beauty sponsors of the Divinas y Humanas event that took place at The Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne, Fl.  I had the pleasure of receiving red carpet access and a VIP ticket to the event on behalf of John Frieda and Jergens as a beauty influencer in the company of some amazing blogger divas. The frosting on the cake was the opportunity for a tête-à-tête with one of Divinas y Humanas award recipients and Nuestra Belleza 2014, Aleyda Ortiz. The highlights from Aleyda’s beauty advice were to keep your skin and hair hydrated as often as possible by not styling your hair or wearing makeup when not necessary, in Aleyda’s case in between events & appearances. She also makes sure to lather up on cream daily to keep her skin silky smooth. Aleyda maintains a healthy lifestyle including exercise and healthy eating which are key to obtaining a glowing healthy look. To get us all dolled up before the event, we were invited to a day of beauty at the Conrad Miami hotel  with a complimentary hairstyling session by John Frieda Stylist, Sebastian Scolarici and a makeup/skin session with celebrity makeup artist Millie Morales. Below please enjoy the step by step for Aleyda’s hairstyle and skincare/makeup.


Nuestra Belleza 2014, Aleyda Ortiz, looked stunning during the Divinas y Humanas event. John Frieda Celebrity Hairstylist Sebastian Scoralici shares the step-by-step to obtain her luscious waves.

  1. I started by spraying Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray on the root of Aleyda’s wet hair. The key is to set it on the roots, where volume originates.  
  2. After, I applied Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Frizz Immunity Primer at the hair ends to avoid frizz. Keep away from roots so as not to interfere with the volume. Blow dry hair with a medium round brush. It’s best to use a brush with a mix of natural and plastic bristles because I find it gives great tension to hair for a smooth look. 
  3. Next, I used a 1 inch curling iron to curl Aleyda’s hair. Since Aleyda has long hair, I curled each strand in its entirety to ensure the curls stay in place throughout the night. When curling, I started at the root in order to have an even curl from top to bottom.
  4. Once I curled the whole head of hair, I let it cool for a few minutes and then broke them up with Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir and a flat brush to achieve a more natural-looking wave.
  5. For touchable hair to last throughout the event, I finished by spraying Frizz Ease KeraFLEX Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Step 4 Step 2.3



Celebrity makeup artist Millie Morales, completed Nuestra Belleza 2014 Aleyda Ortiz’s look with a personalized skin care and makeup session. “It’s key to achieve an effortless look for any occasion,” says Millie. “That’s why I rely on Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream for flawless-looking skin.” Below see the steps to get Aleyda’s look. 

  1. To prepare for this event, Aleyda started using Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream a week in advance. In just five days, this cream instantly hydrated, illuminated, evened, firmed, and minimized the appearance of imperfections. “As soon as I started using Jergens BB Cream, my skin instantly felt moisturized and luminous,” said Aleyda.
  2. To match Aleyda’s beautiful skin I matched a foundation. Then I used a translucent powder to seal the foundation. To build her face, I used a contouring technique and highlighted her cheekbones and a few areas of her nose. I made sure to highlight her cheek bones with an illuminator with silver tones to match her beautiful gown.
  3. For her eyes, I combined cold tones like violet and silver shimmer and created a smokey nude eye. I call it that because instead of an eyeliner I used a shadow pencil on the edges of her eyes to give them more dimension and depth. For her eyebrows, I applied a cream gel with an angled brush, since she was attending an event this will last longer than a powder. When applying the mascara, I wiggled the mascara from the root to the end to create volume and avoid clumps. I recommend applying three layers of mascara to maximize volume.
  4. For the lips, I applied a nude lip liner to keep color intact around her lips and then used a shimmery lip gloss in a nude tone to keep a natural look.
  5. To finish her look, I used a light pink blush. I recommend smiling and applying on the apples of the cheeks.
  6. Right before heading to the red carpet, Aleyda applied BB Body Cream on her legs and arms to be camera ready! 

Step 6

Step 1

Final Look


FE_BS_Primer_USA_NonNew FE_KeraFlex_HS_NoVio_USA JF_LV_FineToFull_Prim_CleanPack Nourishing_Oil_Exlixir

All images (step-by-step and products; courtesy of John Frieda and Jergens photographed by Gabriel Bancora. Sponsored post by John Frieda and Jergens.


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