“Staycation” Summer Beauty Recommendations & Tips

My 4th of July “Staycation” was so much fun. You don’t necessarily need to get on a plane to enjoy your down time. However, you do need to take into consideration that the harmful rays from the sun can wreak havoc on your skin and overall health. Miami, my hometown is no place to neglect sunscreen. On the other hand, it’s a city that inspires you to feel and look your best. With a little help from some of my personal summer beauty recommendations & tips – I hope you will enjoy the rest of your summer in good health!!

My mornings usually start with a 15 minute meditation. During these staycation days, I opted for meditating outdoors.


Brazilians are known for their sexy skin and what woman doesn’t want that?? There are areas on my body like my upper thighs were I have very little body hair and I never wax or shave. It was such a blessing to have discovered Sol de Janeiro gel-cream designed to spread smoothly and evenly, the gel-creams in the Brazilian Golden Body Veil easily blend into one gentle but powerful formula. Blended with creamy cupuaçu butter and silky coconut oil, the nutrient-rich formulas condition and moisturized my skin while lightening the hair to a shimmering golden veil. All you see is a golden glow.

Infused with naturally all-powerful Brazilian extracts:
Cupuaçu Butter was discovered by Amazonian tribal women as the wonder remedy for dry and damaged skin. The Amazon’s answer to shea butter, it’s chock full of fatty-acids, phytosterols and polyphenols, powerful ingredients to lock in moisture and help restore skin’s elasticity.

Acaí was the potent berry known to have saved Chief Itaki’s prosperous Amazonian tribe from malnourishment, so he named it after his daughter. Açaí, the antioxidant powerhouse packed into one superfruit, helps keep skin young.

Coconut Oil is all the rage now, but Brazilians have been enjoying their ample supply for centuries. Melts easily into skin to soften, condition and moisturize.

For purchase details, click HERE


Avon’s Today Tomorrow Always Amour

We all want to smell good yet sometimes the summer heat and all the outdoor activities can prove challenging when trying to remain smelling fresh and clean. Avon’s Today Tomorrow Always Amour has been one of my go to perfumes this summer. It’s the one I took in my beach bag and basically carried around in my cosmetic case along with all my other staycation essentials. Citrus combines with watery green notes and spicy pink peppercorn to represent the beauty of the union. A heart of white florals blends magnolia, lily of the valley and delicate jasmine petals, representing the purity of the love the two share. The fragrance rests on a strong foundation of sandalwood, cedarwood and warm musk, symbolizing the commitment of an immeasurable love. Love + Summer = “Yes, please”!

For purchase click HERE 

JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

It’s a known fact that over time your emotions begin to show on your skin. Its common knowledge that every smile, frown and laugh make their mark, but did you know that even sleeping can cause wrinkles??!!! Being an advocate of prevention, I have been sleeping face up on my back for years, but as of recent – I discovered the JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow and my experience has been extremely favorable. Luckily, preventing sleep wrinkles starts long before all the expensive serums and night creams JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillowdesigned by a board certified plastic surgeon, prevents sleep wrinkles by limiting repeated facial compression night after night. There’s also an added bonus – the Sleep Wrinkle Pillow’s innovative open-contoured shape helps keep you cooler at night in these warm summer months, for a more restful, beautiful sleep. And, with all the added salt intake and cocktails I happily enjoyed during my staycation this pillow helped me wake up swelling free and looking refreshed.

For purchase click HERE

L’oreal Paris Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist

My skin tone is olive-to-medium so I used the L’Oreal Medium Natural Tan color. I put it on at night about an hour before bed and woke up in the morning with a nice looking tan before heading out on the boat. Results last from 5-10 days depending on how much product you use and how you care for your skin(exfoliation, moisturizer, etc).
1) Exfoliate with a scrub before you apply.
2) Hold the can about 6″ away from your skin and spray evenly all over. You may go though about 1/3 of the can in just one application. Make sure to put a shower cap on your head to keep the product from getting all over your hair. You also want to make sure to use sparingly on your knees & elbows.

For purchase click HERE


Sally Hansen’s Limited Poolside Paradise Miracle Gel Collection

Oh, sweet summer and the heat that comes along with it! Your makeup will get runny and you’ll have to constantly reapply sunscreen and perfume BUT your nail color will stay in tact with Sally Hansen’s Limited Poolside Paradise Miracle Gel Collection. A revolutionary development in nail color, Miracle Gel™ is the only true two-step, at-home gel manicure with no light needed. Simply apply the Miracle Gel™ color of your choice, then follow with Miracle Gel™ Top Coat. The polish is cured by natural light, so there’s no need for a UV or LED lamp. Enjoy up to 14 days of color and shine, and then remove with regular nail-polish remover. (No soak—and this is no joke!) My summer shade preference is Pink-A-Colada.

Available for a limited time only, the Poolside Paradise collection comprises seven vivid, sunny-day shades:

Pink-A-Colada: Sweet! This cotton-candy color is as girlie as it gets.

Life’s A Peach: Not quite neon but far beyond basic, this creamy red-orange is a fashion-girl fave.

Morning,Sunshine!: This energetic yellow hue is for the woman who wants to be noticed (wallflowers need not apply).

Dive Bar: Let your manicure make a splash by donning this true cerulean blue.

Lip Palm: It’s a jungle out there. Be ready for anything with this leafy green tone.

Rum Punch: Our #1 pedicure pick: a super-saturated, on-trend deep pink.

Swimsical: The truest teal, this show-stopping shade is practically made for sun-soaked days.

Where to purchase: Grocery, mass retailers and drugstores nationwide


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