3 Minute Beauty by Estee Lauder


I usually spend around 15 minutes with my a.m. beauty routine so I decided to take the challenge and try to put my face together in 3 minutes.

Ladies, it’s possible! Below are the products I used and all descriptions and links so you can try this for yourself.  I did add my usual CC cream and eyebrow mascara to the mix and still made it happen in 3 minutes. 😉

Saving time in my busy schedule is always a good idea.

My car selfie(taken while safely parked) shows off the look.



Three new, targeted contouring products deliver transformative results
With the launch of New Dimension transformative collection, Estée Lauder empowered women to
transform and define their appearance in a completely new way. One breakthrough serum.

New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum – and an Expert Liquid Tape along with two custom shaping experts – Shape + Sculpt Face Kit and Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit – gave a whole new angle on beauty through the transformative beauty of contouring. Now, Estée Lauder continues to deliver transformative results with new, high performance formulas – introducing New Dimension Firm + Fill Eye SystemPlump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment and Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment. These innovative formulas target specific areas to create more defined-looking contours for a multifaceted transformation.

NEW DIMENSION FIRM + FILL EYE SYSTEM for a more dimensional, contoured look
Eyes look brighter, more lifted and contoured with New Dimension Firm + Fill Eye System. This innovative, two-step eye treatment has the power to transform eyes in a blink. Eyes feel tighter and more toned, and appear smoother, for a more dimensional look.
Step 1 (Firm) – In an instant, an ultra-light, cushioning gel formula tightens and tones eye area skin while also helping to re-plump and refresh with deep hydration. Formulated with Estée Lauder’s advanced pro-collagen complex, the powerful formula helps visibly lift, firm and smooth around the eye area, so contours appear more defined with renewed dimension. Skin’s natural lipid barrier is restored to strengthen and densify the delicate eye area. The eye area has a renewed canvas, perfectly prepped and ready for step 2.
Step 2 (Fill): This powerful expert creme, formulated with Shaping Technology, has light-diffusing optics to immediately smooth the look of the eye area. Used together, over time, the delicate eye area’s texture becomes smoother, the look of crepiness diminishes and the eye area looks firmer and strengthened.

The Transformative Beauty of Contoured Eyes: For eyes that appear brighter, more lifted and defined, use the complete system morning and night. Apply Firm around the eye area and then pat Fill sparingly to fill in eye area lines and smooth targeted areas. For a multi-dimensional look, finish with New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit palette, which will instantly enhance eyes and create a soft, natural definition.

Smoother, more hydrated and plumped – New Dimension Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment’s targeted, two-step system helps create perfectly contoured lips. This treatment immediately fills to help visibly define the lip contour area while providing plumping hydration.
Step 1 (Expert Filler) – Immediately, this serum helps visibly define the lip contour area with a rich
infusion of light-diffusing optics to help neutralize shadows around the lip area for a smoother, more defined look. Over time, this high-performance formula, with Estée Lauder’s pro-collagen complex and multi-level Shaping Technology, helps to build up the fragile lip area’s structure and strength with visible volume, encouraging a firmer, fuller look and more defined lip contour.
Step 2 (Expert Plumper) –This ultra-conditioning treatment balm with barrier builders, provides plumping moisturization and smooths away dry, flaky skin over time. Lips are more hydrated and feel softer with a naturally more voluminous-looking result.

The Transformative Beauty of Contoured Lips: Apply Expert Filler serum around lips just outside the lip line, morning and night, using fingertips to blend. Next, apply Expert Plumper balm directly to lips, as needed. Transform the look with high-intensity color. Pair New Dimension Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment with one of Pure Color Envy’s lip-sculpting statement lipstick shades.

NEW DIMENSION TIGHTEN + TONE NECK/CHEST TREATMENT for firmer, smoother skin Visibly transform the delicate neck and chest area with New Dimension Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment, a luxurious, silky formula, that helps fight gravity by revealing skin’s firmer, smoother texture. Instantly, the powerful creme plumps skin with moisture while the innovative massage tool energizes skin. New Dimension Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment includes Shaping Technology to help support skin’s own natural production of hyaluronic acid, filaggrin and lipids, helping restore a naturally
fuller, and more plumped look over time. Estée Lauder’s advanced pro-collagen complex and powerful skin strengtheners help restore skin’s elasticity and strength for a firmer, denser, more lifted look. The targeted, ultra-silky formula delicately resurfaces skin to help enhance, brighten and even skin tone and spreads easily without pulling or tugging delicate throat and chest areas. Skin is left soft and comfortable.
The Transformative Beauty of a lifted, firmer and smoother neck/chest: Apply treatment generously
over neck and chest area using fingertips in the morning and at night. Next, energize skin with innovative massager using three simple motions:
1. Start at the center of chest and glide up one side of neck to just under chin, then back to ear, then down to collarbone. Repeat twice on both sides of neck.
2. Sweep back and forth across upper chest in a shallow “smile” shape.
3. Finish by sweeping in a curving V shape from one shoulder to the other, dipping down in the center, then back. Clean the applicator thoroughly with a tissue, making sure to remove all visible traces of the creme.


Maximum Lash Impact. Deeper. Sexier. Blacker than Black – An Absolute Knockout.
Meet the New Femme Fatale. Intensity, Drama – An Absolute Knockout. NEW Estée Lauder Knockout Eye Collection features the next generation of mascara – NEW Sumptuous Knockout Defining Lift and Fan Mascara paired with a range of dramatic new eye products. With the addition of a high-performance, waterproof eye liner, a dramatic shadow liner and two new exclusive eye shadow palette shades – it’s a complete knockout look.
NEW Sumptuous Knockout Defining Lift and Fan Mascara has a fiber-rich formula and custom designed brush,
lashes are full, lush and fanned out. Instantly uplift and separate lashes for a stunning result. Housed in a sleek, black
matte vial, the exclusive mix of two carbon black fibers helps to shape and extend each lash from root to tip – resulting in
intense, black lashes. Developed with new elastomer for added length, volume and select blend of polymers for extreme
long wearing performance, lashes are sweat and humidity resistant and can extend to their longest and fullest potential.
The addition of rich conditioners provide silky, flawless lashes that resist flaking and clumping.
Estée Lauder introduces a patented, custom-designed Clump Separation Brush that grabs, lifts and separates each lash
to help prevent clumping. A specially designed spiked tip is the smallest detail with big impact – it’s the solution to building
volume to the tiniest hair, in the toughest to reach corners of the eye, leaving no lash behind.

Usage Tip: Apply to bare lash from root to tip. For maximum benefit, apply on one eye and build product onto lashes until desired look is achieved. Re-dip mascara, switch over to the next eye and repeat. For added intensity, apply over Estée Lauder Little Black Primer.

An eyeliner that can withstand anything – NEW Double Wear Infinite Waterproof Eyeliner comes in 10 dynamic shades. Beauty meets performance. The rich, intensely saturated formula glides smoothly and effortlessly onto the lids without tugging or skipping. It is exceptionally longwearing boasting 24 hour wear. This water and weatherproof formula is also smudge, transfer, sweat, exercise and humidity resistant. Eyes will smolder and look flawless – no matter what the day or
night brings. This new automatic eyeliner features a range of deep, decadently sophisticated and refined color-true shades that can create and amplify any look desired. Shades include: Kohl Noir, Espresso, Graphite, Indigo, Teal Night, Deep Plum, Blackened Sapphire, Royal Amethyst, Blackened Emerald and Blackened Onyx.

Usage Tip: Create a precise, natural line using the built in sharpener. For a more sultry, smoldering look, smudge the line with the silicone tip before it sets to lids. There are six shades suitable for use on the waterline/inner rim (only nonpearlized shades): Kohl Noir, Espresso, Graphite, Teal Night and Deep Plum)

Limited Edition SuperNoir Shadow & Liner in Blackest Black features a creamy, richly pigmented formula for the ultimate dark and dramatic eye. The custom molded, chubby design is versatile – create a thick, dramatic liner effect on lids or apply and smudge to
create a sexy shadow-liner look. Either way, it’s definitely a knockout.
Usage Tip: Pencil can be sharpened using the Estée Lauder Pencil Sharpener 941K

The Pure Color Envy Sculpting EyeShadow 5-Color Palette reaches a new level of sophistication, richness and drama. Introducing two seductively transformative yet elegantly refined eye shadow palette shades with carefully selected
modern textures that are sensorially stimulating and visually breathtaking – from a velvety matte, buttery satin, lustrous pearls, to striking brilliance.
Whether creating a sultry smoky or a soft focus effect, Advanced True Vision Technology utilizes pigments and pearls with multi-faceted spheres for intense color release that helps sculpt and accentuate eyes. A complex binder phase
ensures that powders glide like weightless silk across skin allowing for maximum comfort throughout the day and effortless blending and building.
The two new shade collections work transitionally from day to night, throughout all seasons and occasions. Pure Color Envy Sculpting EyeShadow 5-Color Palette in Savage Storm is an elegant juxtaposition of colors featuring rich shades of gray contrasted with decadent crème and bronze to create the perfect storm, while Pure Color Envy Sculpting
EyeShadow 5-Color Palette in Dark Ego is the epitome of stillness of the deep sea and nocturnal skies with darkened blues and crisp silver to deliver an undeniable sophistication. Shades are timeless and approachable, yet modern and seductively glamorous.

Usage Tip: Wet or Dry usage to create dimension to a look. Contour with the dark shades to recede, narrow, or sharpen
features and highlight with the light shades to brighten, widen, or soften features.

Fashion “It” girl and social media sensation, Kendall Jenner, stars in the NEW Knockout Eye Collection campaign.
Kendall’s dark and richly pigmented defined eyes matched with a bold lip turn up the drama take center stage, embodying
the femme fatale – she is a complete knockout.




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