My LIFE | Mi VIDA is #worththewrinkle

Being involved in animal rescue efforts alongside my husband inspires more #worththewrinkle moments in my life than anything else. I’m also a wife, mother of two furry babies(Pancho & Poki), super aunt/mommy to my niece Sophia, beauty/fashion/lifestyle industry expert, fit chic, music lover, foodie & wino, traveler, interior design diva, nature enthusiast, all things FRENCH lover and a white witch.

But- when I need some  “me-time” I usually take a long soothing bath and rely on my wrinkle fighting Clarins products.

Whatever life brings your way live it up with NEW CLARINS #worththewrinkle products

My life path has lead to a wrinkle or two —
all reflections of a life well-lived, and totally worth it! 



For more information on Clarins products and points of sale, please click HERE

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