Piret Aava, The Eyebrow Doctor!

Are your eyebrows in need of reshaping or a tint?

Piret Aava, The Eyebrow Doctor is available to rescue you

from your unruly or barely there brows!


Piret Aava

While she’s based in New York, Piret recently started keeping an office in Miami and travels all over to make your dream brows a reality. It’s not easy to book an appointment with this gem – But, it’s a definite possibility that is, when she’s not catering to her high profile celebrity clients to the likes of Cynthia Nixon, Melissa Leo, Kathleen Turner, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jessica Hecht, George Clooney, Justin Theroux, Joaquin Phoenix, Richard Branson, Stephen Baldwin, Vincent Piazza, Katherine McPhee, Mandy Moore, Olivia Palermo, JR Smith, Christy Turlington, Lauren Bush, Gayle King and many others by sculpting their brows to perfection and creating flawless faces for red carpet appearances, TV and major magazines. For booking, please contact Info@eyebrowdoctor.com

As the ultimate authority on eyebrows, I had the pleasure of interviewing and consulting with Piret about Eyebrow Embroidery. While this procedure, also known as semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, pigment embroidery,micro-blading or “3-D” eyebrow embroidery is quite common in Malaysia & Singapore, it’s just not catching on here in the U.S.


As Piret pointed out, when you think of old school eyebrow tattoos, you may picture those straight lines, often grayish or some off looking shade that doesn’t compliment the person, and look like they were drawn on with a marker. Luckily, that’s NOT what they are! Eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent pigment that is pushed into the surface of the skin with an ultra fine fine blade to mimic the growth of your real hair or if you have some existing hair it will mimick your growth pattern and create bolder yet natural looking eyebrows. This does not require a tattoo gun, ink and there is no bleeding or downtime. In fact, it looks best when a pro like Piret does it by hand because you can hardly believe it’s not real hair!

Click the following  video to see Piret at work: 

About Piret Aava

Piret Aava has established herself as one of the premier eyebrow specialists in the world. As an accomplished Make Up Artist, Certified Esthetician and Eyebrow Embroidery Specialist, Piret has built a reputation in the beauty industry for combining her inherent sense of beauty as a makeup artist with her precise approach to shaping brows.

She is an expert at creating a full natural looking brow while sculpting the perfect eye-opening arch. As a trend-setter and visionary, Piret’s knowledge of cutting-edge techniques and products has proven to be invaluable to the beauty industry. She is always expanding her services and keeps ahead of the learning curve, while maintaining a warm, friendly and professional disposition.


For booking, contact Info@eyebrowdoctor.com  For more information,  www.PiretAava.com   www.BeautyByPiret.com

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