Home Bar Or Liquor Cabinet Basics

Setting up a home bar doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. You can go as simple or lavish as you wish. Invest in basic equipment, make sure to stock up on essential liquors and include some exotic finds like Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Blanc & Amaro Lucano. You can create a selection that will impress even the finickiest of the professionals.

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Liquor Cabinet Inspiration

The Rum, Cocktail Mixer & Vermouth

you MUST HAVE in your liquor selection:


Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is imported by Domaine Select Wine Estates with national availability. For more information, please click HERE


Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva is an elegant and complex sipping rum, carefully crafted from the purest of sugar cane honeys. It is delicately distilled in ancient copper pot stills and aged in small oak casks for up to twelve years. Marrying a unique body with excellent balance has made it a reference for rum lovers and connoisseurs throughout the world.
Colour: amber.
Nose: complex and characterful, with notes of maple syrup, orange peel, brown sugar and liquorice.
Mouth: sweet toffee fudge and a seductive and elegant finish.
Enjoy it neat or on the rocks. It can also be used in elegant and sophisticated cocktails such as Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Savoy Daisy.

The Cocktail Mixer

Amaro Lucano is imported by Domaine Select Wine Estates with national availability. For more information, please click HERE
NICE amaro-lucano-web
Born in 1894, Amaro Lucano is based on a secret recipe passed from generation to generation of the Vena family.
Uniquely herbaceous, at once sweet and bitter tasting, light in the mouth with a suave smoothness, and characterized by a clove/orange rind/cola personality. A classic that lives on, this has countless uses, the best of which is served alone over ice.
Due to the delicate blend of more than 30 herbs, it has a distinct flavour, ideal for any occasion.
La Quintinye Vermouth Royal is imported by Domaine Select Wine Estates with national availability. For more information, please click HERE

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal is an opulent French vermouth crafted in the heart of the vineyards in Charentes uniquely blended white wines from South West of France, Pineau des Charentes ― a blend of 75% grape juice and 25% Cognac from a single estate, matured for at least 8 months in French oak barrels ― and a composition of carefully curated botanicals. Taking its name from Jean Baptiste de La Quintinye, the royal botanist at the Versailles palace for King Louis XIV, La Quintinye Vermouth Royal is available in three distinct varieties: Rouge, Blanc and Extra Dry.

A base of 12 plants and spices make up the palette shared by the three products: artemisia (wormwood), vine flower, angelica, iris root, cardamom, cinnamon, citrus Aurantium, nutmeg , ginger, cinchona (quinine bark), licorice and quassia Amara. Each variant is then completed with its own specific selection: in total, 28 plants and spices compose La Quintinye Rouge, 18 make the Blanc variety and 27 are used in La Quintinye Extra Dry.


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