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As Chispa’s Lifestyle Director, I oversee the lifestyle department, which consists of fashion, beauty, interior design… all things beautiful!  I direct, conceptualize, procure & secure the department’s editorial content and work closely with writers, photographers, and advertisers to ensure that our readers are given the most up-to-date information regarding lifestyle trends. Make sure to visit the A Better You category on to determine where you, your brand or the brands you represent fit in. In addition, you, your brand or the brands you represent may be included in my bi-monthly column, The Romina Files. For submissions,  please email me at 


With an international team and award-winning editor, Chispa Magazine carries the definitive voice to women and advocates the duty to live a life of Chispa. Published six times a year, the magazine is alive as a vehicle to bring light and consciousness for women of all roles in all seasons. Most importantly, they encourage you to live beautifully and eternally purposeful. Each issue they electrify you with in-depth conversations, elite celebrity interviews, appealing visuals that speak volumes to the fashion-paced mindset or the culturally-driven enthusiasts, and more. Standing far from superficial talks, Chispa Magazine provides the strategies that shape substance.


183,000 Email Subscribers
23,000 App Downloads
Publishes Chispa Magazine App Six Times a Year via iTunes + Google Play

Enjoy a preview of a recent app edition of Chispa Magazine by clicking on the below cover image! To view Chispa’s media kit, please click HERE and you will be re-directed.


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